Thursday, October 11, 2012

បទល្មើស​នេសាទ​នៅ​ដែន​សមុទ្រ​ខ្មែរ Comments =But i shall required 110 % from you ( Native Son Of Cambodia ),in order to achieve the our goals.Are you prepared to sacrifice more then your own life for homeland ? Chut Wutty gave more than his own life,he sacrifice the happiness of his children and wife for the sake of national preservation.His wife and children,pieces of them died with Chut Wutty.The sacrifices extended to his immediate family,close friends and love ones.Chut Wutty gave more than 100%. The General's orders are loud and clear !! Those who ignored the General's orders will be hunted down,captured and shot before the firing squads,if not by the viet congs and Khmer Rouge then by fellow Khmer soldiers.There's nothing more despicable and disgusting than a race traitor.Hun sen is a disgrace to the Khmer race and his days are numbered. You laugh bad boy.But somewhere along the shore,i'm strapping dynamite sticks to remote control boats and it's heading for viet cong's fishing boats.I'm going to laugh my fcking head off also.I'm going to smoke you communists bastards out of my fishing hole with gasoline bottles.All the house boat on the tonle sap will go up in smoke.Go ahead and swim home i dont give a sht.Try to swim onto my shore and you will get a bullet in the head.Tread softly on my homeland,come friendly or go home dead. Sink a few boats just to make a statement to the thais and the vietnamese and to raise awareness to the cpp.Sink the foreigne boats and use whatever means necessary to do it.Use a remote control toy boats and deliver some TNT to the foreigne boats.If not for the defense of homeland,do it for fun sake.These fishing boats could be sunk with remote control toy boats. The cpp protect these foreigne boats that enter into Cambodia illegally.As citizens and patriots of Cambodia,it is our national duty to chase away all illegals that enter our water by all means.They are strangers and terrorists.They came to rob,steal,invade and harm our love ones !! I'm not dreaming,i'm inspiring !!! I'm suggesting and advising my love ones to use every means to sink the vietnamese fishing boats.They can send dynamite sticks to the illegal fishing boat using a remote control toy boat.I've done it before....;))))))

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