Thursday, October 11, 2012

រមណីយដ្ឋាន​ទេសចរណ៍​ភ្នំបូកគោ The gooks must be lost and we will see to it that they find their way back home.We will re-direct them back to hanoi.We will round them up and put them in an internment camp and we will call their government to come pick them up and truck them all back to their dog eating land. The viet are moving in and they are moving in quickly.Remember how quickly the viet cong took over south vietnam and that's with U.S intervention.In the Cambodian case there are no intervention at all.Infact hun sen even put out the welcoming mat and lay down the red carpet for them to stroll in,he even arrest any citizens that and exiled Sam Rainsy for trying to keep the viets out.The Khmer must learn from our past sufferings if we are to maintain or national and cultural identity..

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