Friday, October 12, 2012

Khmer Neews Who's Comments=governmance , and edemic corruption , current policy presciptions for countries hoping to evade the curse often fall short , partly because they do not address's the internal political economy effected of the massive unearned income...the so- rents generate by natural resource extraction when govn'ts can survive on natural resource rents , they do not need to tax their citizens , in turn ,citizens do not expect or demand public services , clean govn't or even basic accountabilty . The badly lesson for khmer govn't should be learns , China and Russia interests as the same goal ,what makes the issue corruption natural resources more complicated from a global security perspective is that the western interests are encreasingly with china and russia interests . Oil to cash , fighting the resource cursed through cash transfers...the resource curse is well known countries rich in extractable resources , especially OIL , often suffer from povery , frequent cinflict , crummy.... សេចក្ដីភ័យព្រួយខ្លាចបាត់បង់ទឹក­ដីរបស់ប្រជាពលរដ្ធខ្មែរទៅវៀតណាម គឺជាការត្រឹមត្រូវណាស់ មន្រ្តីរដ្ធាភិបាលទាំងឡាយណាហ៊ាន­និយាយចោទថា ប្រជាពលរដ្ធខ្មែរចង់ផ្ចាញ់ផ្ចាល­រដ្ធាភិបាល មន្រ្តីអស់នោះមិនមែនជាខ្មែរទេ គេគឺជាបរទេសដែលកំពុងតែរៀបគម្រោង­ការ យ៉ាងរលូនដើម្បីលេបយកទឹកដីខ្មែរ!

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