Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RFA Khmer News Cambodia King Passing ព្រះបាទសម្តេច ព្រះនរោត្តម សីហនុ ទ្រង់សោយទិវង្គត Who's Comments=So what now ?? Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy shaking hands at the Old King's funeral ? what ever happened,dont throw hand grenades at the King's funeral Hun Sen !! Hun sen wished to be King and 2nd Prime Minister.But with the gun pointed at the royal's head he managed to achieved both the title of King and 1st Prime Minister.... Entrance fees are required at St.Peters's Gate.What have you to offer for your eternity and the salvation of your soul Old King ? It's very sad and unfortunate that he had to draw his last breath in Beijing and so far away from Krong Chatamuk.I was hoping that he end his days in my home province in Siam Reap.Somewhere near Angkor with all the ancient temples and splendor of the Khmer Empire begin.Siam Reap i believe is the center of the Khmer heart and soul.The King fled because he could not find any peace in Cambodia at his old age.His palace once sacred and holy are now dishonor,revile and desecrated.A tourist attraction The day Hun Sen die will be a day of festivity.Hun sen rendered himself odious by his own cruelty.Hun sen better release Ta Mam Sonando,find justice for Piseth Pilika,Chea Vichea and Chut Wutty if he doesent want to go to hell.Oh and who could forget the two idiots falsely imprisoned for Chea Vichea murder ? and the killing in Battambang Prison.Hun sen got quite a records.. Cambodia is a calf surrounded by a bunch of hungry wolves,king Sihanouk is a mother . How much can a mother-cow do to save her calf,that is surrounded by fast and powerful wolves ?

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